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I am Cristina Navarro, a lawyer specializing in Marriage and Family law. I have over twenty years of experience in the profession and am a founding partner of the law firm Navarro Prieto Abogados. I am a lawyer by vocation. The The rebellious streak that I had as a girl in the face of injustices evolved into a combative spirit that has become my passion, my profession.

As the mother of three children, I understand family law as a tool for honestly and fairly defining a new framework for families. In a situation of emotional instability, our aim is always to avoid further unnecessary conflict and stressful situations for clients. And this is why we always give priority to negotiating, thoroughly planning each strategy and studying pros and cons, at all times doing so in a way that is honest and transparent as to possible outcomes.

Whenever a party needs a professional to work with them to define the priorities that would best defend their present and future interests, I become personally involved, and I will take on their case as though it were my own, because there are some things that cannot be delegated.

«In family law, reaching an agreement that brings order to a separation is the best possible outcome»

«When emotions stop you from thinking clearly, and when you need someone who can provide a new perspective, we’re here to listen»

«When bringing fair and honest order to a separation is your top priority, we’re here to listen»

«When you need to put your legal rights in the hands of someone who understands how your children’s needs and your own fit together, we’re here to listen»

Professional experience: Lawyer at Navarro Prieto Abogados Barcelona, ​​2018- present, Founding member of N&F Abogados de Familia. Barcelona, ​​2016- 2018, Lawyer in Azuara & Baviera Advocats. Barcelona, 2011-2016, Lawyer specialist in Family law. Barcelona, 1999-2010, Wealth Management Agent in London. London, 1998-1999, Lawyer with own office in Valencia. Valencia, 1995-1997.

Training: Lawyer practicing since 1995, Law Degree – Faculty of Law, University of Valencia, Days of Legal Training I – Illustrious Bar Association of Valencia, Days of Legal Training II – Illustrious Bar Association of Valenciaa.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English.

Certificacions: Member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA), Member of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF), Associate Attorney of the Bar Association of Barcelona, Member of the Matrimonial and Family Law Section of the Bar Association of Barcelona, Member of the Civil Law Commission of the Barcelona Bar Association.

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Separation, Divorce or Nullity, Guard and custody, Food pension and compensatory pension, Breaches and judicial executions, Modification of measures…
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Pacts in anticipation of rupture, Inheritances and wills, Domestic violence, Incapacitation, guardianship and curatorship, Claim of paternity and filiation, Adoption…
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Separation, Divorce or Nullity, Parental responsibility, International child abduction, Patrimonial effects, Homologation of foreign judgments (Exequatur)…
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